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rainwater collection

With increasing costs from water companies and the need to act responsibly for the future of our planet, it really makes sense to consider rainwater harvesting.

Untreated water such as rainwater is fine to water the garden, flush toilets and wash clothes, so why use treated water for these when you could save money and care for our environment at the same time?

Rainwater Collection is suitable for existing and 'new-build' homes.

Benefits of rainwater harvesting

  • It is possible to reduce utility bills by using a free water supply
  • It can help you reduce up to 50% of your mains water supply
  • It is environmentally friendly, ie recycling water
  • For 'new builds', it could even help your building planning application as it comes under the sustainable credentials

Uses for collected rainwater

In your home:

  • Flushing toilets (partially filtered)
  • Washing Clothes (particle filtered)

In your garden:

  • Garden taps
  • Irrigation systems

We work in conjunction with Kingspanwater to design, supply and install a complete rain water harvesting system for your property.


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