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about baddow eco solutions

Baddow Eco Solutions is the sister-company to Baddow Heating Ltd.

Baddow Eco Solutions

Baddow Eco Solutions was born from the increasing demand for Eco-Friendly cost-effective heating and hot water solutions to our homes. The high costs of fossil fuels and the changes in the building regulations from the government, now requiring all new homes to be sustainable, have been major factors which have led our company to research the market in order to find the best options available. We offer our customers cost-saving options with a vision into the future for heating and hot water solutions.

Baddow Heating Ltd

Baddow Heating Ltd has 20 years' experience in the Central Heating and Plumbing industry and have a good reputation for being reliable and using a flexible approach to ensure they identify the best solution for each customer's heating and water requirements. With an extended experience in the housing market and in the diversity of customers' requirements, we also work with architects, new builds clients, small developers as well as the commercial market.


Our primary objective is to share the knowledge we have gained with a high level of service to all our clients and developers to find the optimal modern solution to our customers' heating and hot water needs.

Contact Baddow Eco Solutions at the start of your project: we are more the happy to work with your architect and building contractor to achieve the very best specifications for your project.

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